Unlimited Inventory. Unlimited Expertise

With our intense product knowledge and extensive inventory, we can keep your project moving ahead quickly. Do you need quantifiable data to support your selections? We have it. Acoustics, ergonomics, durability, recyclability, sustainability, maintenance, indoor air quality and more—for any industry.

K-12 Education

We understand the challenges of working within the tight budgets set by the school systems, and we can show you how to work within them with recognized products that are preapproved for K-12 education facilities. We can introduce you to the high-quality, cutting-edge floorings we carry, including Advanced Edge, a premium vulcanized high-performing recycled-rubber flooring system. Our deep knowledge of all the wood and resilient flooring products that can be used throughout a school helps you to easily make the right decisions for cafeterias, gymnasiums, laboratories and more.

Higher Education

The challenges here are similar to K-12, but they often require a greater technical expertise in these more advanced applications: computer labs, data centers, wet labs and dormitories. We can help you meet the goals of these spaces, including stain resistance, slip resistance, and built-in barriers to chemicals, moisture and bacteria.


Flooring systems in healthcare settings are especially challenging — but not to us. We’re ready to make product recommendations that result in a higher level of comfort and safety for patients and the people who care for them. For example: low VOC products, reduction of slip and fall risk, stain resistance, anti-microbial properties, static dissipation, and the use of flash cove and heat weld. We back it up with technical documentation. A cutting-edge flooring system selected individually for each type of medical environment can increase HCHAPS scores and help to preserve Medicare funding.


There’s a demand in the hospitality setting for flooring systems that are easier to clean and maintain, that reduce allergens and that are longer-lasting. We see this segment moving away from carpet and fully embracing luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and systems of floating engineered wood. LVT can have the look of stone, wood or ceramic — in an incredible array of colors that makes matching easy. Floating engineered wood systems have pieces that lock into place for stability, but can also be removed for easy repair. We have the expertise to help builders, architects, designers and contractors confidently make the switch away from carpet and toward contemporary floor coverings.

Corporate Settings

Our broad inventory and thorough understanding of the different settings in a corporate environment make projects easy to design, easy to budget and easy to install. We’re seeing architects and designers moving toward interwoven, which is a high-end resilient flooring that looks like carpet. There’s also a move away from carpet in executive offices, with designers in search of a sophisticated alternative. We’ll help you to select the right wood, engineered wood or wood-like luxury vinyl tile. LVT can also have the look of ceramic or stone. Regardless of style, LVT performs like resilient flooring and comes with a true commercial warranty.


Let us show you how our quality-tested inventory of flooring and accessories can be used in a single room, or throughout an entire building or complex. We will consider every aspect of each environment to select products that stand up to high traffic, improve traction, reduce noise, limit static, reduce the risk of liability and manage the end-users’ cost of maintenance.

Multi-Family Housing

When it comes to flooring systems, we’re the ringleaders of multi-family and community-living projects. We bring together developers, A&D and contractors to streamline the process of flooring selection and to get to a high-performance and value-based solution quicker. Most distributors take your order and walk away. We start with your budget and performance requirements, then create full-system solutions, and then provide on-site training and installation support.

Single-Family Residential Housing

Retailers depend on us to introduce them to the latest developments in residential flooring —accessories, complete flooring systems and installation products. We train them in installation techniques and product use so that they can help their contractor and DIY clients to achieve the best results. Happy customers are repeat customers. We have more than 80 years in the industry to prove it!