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New CRM and ERP Will Strengthen Customer Care


With the integration of Microsoft Dynamics’ CRM and ERP this month, Michael Halebian & Co. gained a better way to store, analyze and share information. Think of it as a high-tech tool that enhances their high-touch approach.

The efficiency of the new system will position our sales and customer service teams to be more responsive to our customers,” says Bill McDonald, Halebian’s commercial specification manager. “Now with the new ERP, we have the data and analytics to be proactive in forecasting demand and recognizing trends so that we can stock the products that our customers need and want.”

The sales and specification reps can make recommendations based on analysis of the customer’s prior needs, as well as introduce them to new product lines that might be better suited to a project. They can even recommend projects for their customers to bid on, using information mined through Dodge Pipeline.

Dodge Pipeline integrates data from the well-known Dodge construction lead service directly into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It offers detailed information about public and private construction projects, from permitting through completion. As a result of the new integration, Halebian’s sales teams receive daily updates on flagged projects and can identify shared opportunities for them and their customers.

The benefit of Dynamics being a Microsoft product is that now an individual’s Outlook e-mails, contacts, and calendars can be easily synced with the CRM. This information can be stored in a central location and shared among all employees. Communication is easier, timely and accurate, which all leads to a better customer experience. Plus, with the ERP’s bar code inventory management feature providing real-time material availability, sales and specification reps now have the information needed to make insightful recommendations.

Our sales teams are empowered,” McDonald says. “We’re better positioned to be a resource to our customers and anticipate their needs. The implementation of Dynamics will not only greatly benefit Michael Halebian & Co., but our customers as well.”